Friday, September 17, 2010

Redhead Day in Breda

People from all over the world travel to Breda the first weekend of September to celebrate their red hair. Every year the number of people that attend the event increases, this year there were thousands of people. Everyone dresses all in white with their flaming red hair. There are several activities that take place in the city- artistic group photoshoots, individual photoshoots, a fashion show, lectures about red hair, and much more! I even saw people that did not have red hair spray painting their hair to fit in with the crowd. It was quite the experience being surrounded by carrottops.


  1. Oh what to get Vivian there...Gma

  2. That is such a beautiful location where they hold that festival. You can find lots of pics and videos of the festival here:

    Redhead Day 2010 in Breda, Netherlands

  3. I do live in the Netherlands but didn't know this event exsisted, looks like fun