Monday, September 27, 2010


200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest
Even though it is called Oktoberfest it is in the end of September. Myself two other Americans and two Canadians set out on Friday to attend, officially biggest party in the world. We rented a car, however there were only two of us that knew how to drive standard. It was intertesting because the key to the car was a card, there was no actual key. We set out on our journey to Munich, Germeny thinking that it would take 7 1/2 hours (goggle map told us). However it ended up taking 11 1/2 hours. On our drive we got to drive on the auto bond. We were driving about 115mph and cars were flying by us like we were going only 60. After only five hours asleep we ahead to open ceremonies. We had to take a train there and the entire way, there were people dressed in traditional german clothing (one of my favorite parts) Oktoberfest is a huge adult carnival, there were tons of bright colorful rides, lots of food, and of course beer. During the day we walked around Oktoberfest, went to the city of Munich and rode on the a marry-go-round that served beer. At night we all attempted to get into a tent. People book spots in the tents a year in advance. The first few we were denied and then a friend and i finally got into one. It was AMAZING! there were about two thousand people dancing on tables with pints of beer in their hand. There were 18 year old to 60 year old enjoying the festivities. In the middle of the room there was a live band that was singing songs like YMCA and We are the champions. After being at oktoberfest from 8am we made it back to our place at 2am= successful day. The following day we left back to Breda, it was a fast trip, but well worth it!

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