Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Madrid Spain

Last weekend i went to Madrid by myself. I was kind of nervous to travel by myself but it was a great experience. I left my house in Breda very early in the morning on Friday. I took the train to Eindhoven which is a little over a half an hour ride. Once I was in Eindhoven i caught my flight to Madrid. My ticket was only 65 euros.
Once i arrived in Madrid i took the metro to my hostel. My hostel was very cool, the ceiling was stain glass. At the hostel there was a cafe, bar, dance floor, and a hang out place. I shared my room with 14 other people. There was a large group of older Italians that were really funny. Right after i got there i met two girls that i hung out with the rest of my stay.
During the days i walked about and sight saw. I went to Sunday market where they sold everything you could imagine for a very good deal. I ate a lot of tapas which are delicious. As well as chocolate and cheeros that were everywhere. I went to a bull fight- it was really interesting. They had six different round and each type the bull would die. It was really sad because the bull did not have much of a chance to live. When the bull was dead they would tie it up and drag it off with horses. I saw a lady heuristically crying and she was on her way out. I would never want to go to another bull fight but I'm glad that i did experience it. Overall i was gone three nights and entire three days, had a great trip, and the weather was perfect! :)